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JDVoiceMail 2.53

User reviews about JDVoiceMail

  • eric.blair.92372

    by eric.blair.92372

    "Great product, easy to use, senior's friendly even!"

    I can't believe nobody has taken time to say this software is great, and even for a guy in his seventies is easy to use.... More.

    reviewed on October 10, 2014

  • eric.blair.92372

    by eric.blair.92372

    "JD is perhaps the best free software I've ever downloaded; great product!! "

    I think JDVoiceMail is great! I use it to send long messages to friends in Europe and Australia. It's easy to use and yo... More.

    reviewed on March 18, 2013

  • RussStephens

    by RussStephens

    "Absolutely Brilliant"

    Simple, easy to use, functional. Everything is clean and intuitive. Well done. I have been looking for two days for a pr... More.

    reviewed on June 10, 2012